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Welcome to the website of Gyula Petrányi Clinical Immunology and Allergology Doctoral School!

Our Doctoral School is a dynamically developing institution, founded in 2009, and therefore one of the youngest of its kind at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen. Our goal is to assemble the immunology and allergology researches with exceeding reputation in Debrecen, and to train excellent researchers committed to the field.
The high quality of the training is ensured by the fact that our Doctoral School has teams of enthusiastic and dedicated researchers and doctors with expertise in basic research, clinical research and diagnostic developments.
In all fields of immunology and allergology we offer research topics (basic research, pathomechanism of systemic autoimmune diseases, characteristics of autoinflammatory diseases, allergological and immunological diseases of skin and mucous membranes, organ-specific autoimmune diseases, tumour immunology, immunology of fertility, diagnostic developments, therapeutic developments).
We offer our students research opportunities and training modules where they can also experience the possibilities of direct utilization of their research, as they can get an insight into patient care in their daily work.

Please, find out more about our research topics on this site and feel free to contact the school management and instructors if you are interested in our activities.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Szegedi M.D., PhD., D.Sci.
Head of the Doctoral School



Future perspectives

In our Doctoral School the main research topic is allergology and immunology, around which the experts of basic, clinical and diagnostic sciences are assembled. On one hand practicing research physicians are able to study the methods of basic sciences, while on the other hand basic scientists gain insight into the clinical practice. Our goals are to establish working relationships within the departments of the university as well as to start national and international co-operations that may ensure the possibility of mutual scholarships and grants. Furthermore, in our work, we endeavour to reach diversity, dynamic development and the highest level of education.






Head of doctoral school


           Name:     Prof. Dr. Andrea Szegedi


           Address:  University of Debrecen, Faculty of General Medicine,


                            Department of Dermatology


                            4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút 98.


          E-mail:     aszegedi@med.unideb.hu


         Phone number: +36 52 411 600/56432




Secretary of a doctoral school


          Name:    Dr. Beáta Tóth


         Address:  University of Debrecen, Clinical Center


                           Laboratory Medicine


                           4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút 98.


            E-mail:   beatoth@med.unideb.hu or lajsz.beata@gmail.com


            Phone number: +36 52 411-600 / 54992




Student representative


          Name:       Lilla Szabó


         Email:         lillyhfg@gmail.com

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